Insects are the new black


Back to business as usual with the first outfit post in way too long :0 but as you can see, old ways die hard and as so many other times the shirt is doing all the heavy lifting for the outfit – even though I must point out my new loafers from River Island as a nice addition to my shoe collection. Back to the shirt though – which actually has a lot in common with Thailand, you see all those insects on the shirt will actually try to attack you all the time! So I thought this shirt would buy me a little goodwill. Think again!
However the shirt did do a much better job looking good on me, than it did protecting me – and let’s be honest, that is the reason I bought it. Another thing to point out is the fit, because it is a little loose which make it easy and very comfortable to wear which was perfect in that climate. So I’m quite satisfied regardless of the 1089 insect bites I had to suffer every night. 😉

Talk to you later,



James Bond Island


As the big James Bond fan I am, visiting the James Bond Island was a no brainer- even though I’m still trying to figure out, why it’s called James Bond Island. Oh well. What we did figure out when we went there, is that it’s beautiful and very touristy, I literally had to stand in line to get a picture with that sign, but patience is a virtue and luckily the photo turned out good 😉 but it was a very fun day seeing some of Thailand’s amazing scenery and one of the highlights was kayaking around the Island and getting to see the huge caves inside and up close. Tamim was a bit disappointed that we didn’t kayak ourself, but I sighed silently in relief when I saw someone would be doing it for us 😉 That way we could concentrate about getting it all in and taking heaps of photos !!

Next post I’ll be back doing what I do best, so stay around 😉





Big city life


Our first destination was Bangkok where we were met by a suffocating heat. However we still managed to do some sight seeing with the help of Leo (a local beer) – not as much sight seeing as we would have liked, but we did manage to see one of Bangkok’s most famous landmarks, Wat Arun or the Temple of Dawn, which overwhelmed us with it’s lavish beauty and as a clever friend of mine told me before going ”one tempel is enough”

We also made it to the Siam Paragon, an incredibly massive shopping mall with no less than ten floors and it felt more as a laborant, than a mall! Definitely only a place to go if you have money to splurge and want to see a more luxurious side of Bangkok.


But to be honest the heat didn’t really encourage us to do that much sight seeing, but it certainly did encourage us to spend a big amount of time in and around the pool.


And when day turned into night and the City of Bangkok would transform into a city where the party never stop, we would follow suit, and step out of the pool and get our groove on and discover what Bangkok by night had to offer and came up with the conclusion that the party scene in Bangkok, led by the infamous Khao San Road, is no joke!


Talk to you later,


Is it to late now to say sorry?


Cuz’ I’m missing more than just your body. No wait, even though I’m a big fan of the song, I shouldn’t be quoting the full song, but the message of the song is however the same message for this blog post, therefore the headline. First of all in case you’ve forgotten me, my name is still Alix Niyonkinzo and this reunion is a little bit awkward, but I’m here to explain my sudden disappearance for months and ask your forgivenes, and talk a little about what’s next for A Common Obsession.

When I first arrived to Australia my initial plan was to settle down in Brisbane and just continue blogging as I had in Denmark, but then I started to meet alot of backpackers who gladly shared their stories about all the wonderful places they had visited and showed me pictures of some of the most breathtaking places they had been, so all of a sudden my initial plan seemed a bit dull and I quickly found out that I too, wanted to travel. I told one of my friends back in Denmark about it and he was so pumped over it that he decided that he would take on South East Asia with me thus the TRIP OF A LIFETIME. I quickly found out however that having a fashion blog and prioritizing that wasn’t compatible with wanting to travel, simply because a growing wardrobe equals increasing bag weight, so I had to make a decision, a really tough one as I had to choose between keep blogging about menswear or document my trip with you guys, the choice fell on the latter which explain why I’ve been MIA for a couple of months – my focus simply turned to the roadtrip, so saving money and planning the road trip was the main priority and I just couldn’t find room for the blog.

The trip actually started about three weeks ago, but I’ve been so caught up in everything, that I haven’t got the time to check in already! But I will, be showing you some of the places we’ve been to and what we’ve been doing. The original plan was actually to travel to Thailand, the Philipines and Bali – but bad management of money forced us to cut Bali, and some of the places we wanted to see in the Philipines. But hey, we did have a blast in Thailand though 😉 So stay in the loop, because there will be much more about the trip in the coming days.

So the question remains, is it to late now to say sorry???????

Check Mate! The Windowpane Print For Him And Her


There isn’t anything groundbreaking about plaid for fall, season after season we’ve seen tartan, Glen, and buffalo plaid return, however this fall another classic check pattern – the windowpane is making a comeback and I’m sure that this clean, refreshingly modern take on everybody’s favorite traditional pattern is poised for a total autumn takeover. Everyone from Raf simons, Bottega Veneta to Junya Watanabe gave their impression on how to rock this print and now I’m giving you mine in collaboration with The Modern Afro.

“Windowpane check is definitely the sign of a maverick; it’s a bold statement that signifies a person who goes their own way and doesn’t really care what you think about it”.

What is your take on this print, will you be rocking it this fall?



Zara Suit // Selected Monkstraps // H&M Shirt // Daniel Wellington Watch

Primark Dress // H&M Heels & Belt // Rayban Glasses

Photographer– Kenneth Kisbye

Denim, A Love Story


If you don’t love denim as much as we do, then we can’t really be friends. Blue jeans have over time become synonymous with comfort, cool, and classic. We shot these looks to give you a perfect mix of femininity, masculinity and androgynous sexiness.

What do you think?




Wearing: Shirt thrifted // Jeans Zara // Sneaks Vans 

Photographer– Kenneth Kisbye

How To Dress For The Corporate World And Still Look Fashionable


Whether your office is buttoned-up and sophisticated, or casual and creative, what you wear makes a major impact on your success.  Simple rule is, if you work in a corporate environment don’t be a flashy dresser, as it wouldn’t be appropriate but always look sharp and remember that the devil is in the details.

For both men and women in the corporate world, the key to a power wardrobe is neutral suits, crisp button-down shirts, classic statement accessories, structured blazers and coats. Stick to a basic color pallet – black, grey, and navy blue is classic ones that never fails. If you can’t resist wearing denim, opt for dark ones because the dark colors reads more professional and won’t look out of place.



Wearing: Blazer H&M // Trousers Zara // Shirt Gant // Monks Selected

Photographer– Kenneth Kisbye

How To Dress Your Way To Power Couple Status


Dressing well is a skill. Let’s be frank, as a couple it’s awkward when your significant other does not dress well as you when you go out.

Antonio Centeno, the founder of, outlined this dilemma perfectly in his blog post about Matching Your Spouse:

“What should a man wear when his wife wants to wear her favorite dress for their dinner date?  What about when your girlfriend invites you to attend a casual wedding with her in Charleston on the beach? Should you dress to match your partner’s style and look like a power couple? Or is it better to let things fall where they will and just wear whatever you want?”

Now we don’t mean you should show up in identical outfits, matching as a couple is more geared towards dressing well as a unit. The goal is to focus on dressing at the same level as your partner. Some people just have a knack for dressing well and matching each other without even trying but as any other skill this is learnable and we want you to be so crazy-good together you could rule the world. So here is our take on how to dress your way to power couple status. The simple key in these outfits is the grounded neutral tones, which complements each other insanely well.



Wearing: Zara Suit // Selected Shirt // Asos Monks

Abyss by abby Dress // Bianco Heels

Photographer– Kenneth Kisbye

The Velvet dream


You want something that is luxuriously smooth, soft to the touch and elegant? The answer is velvet! Velvet is a statement just waiting to happen and will get you noticed whether you’re bound for a full-on formal affair or something a little more low-key.

Velvet items comes in a lot of shapes, but I opted for the velvet blazer for the formal aesthetic look, and I picked it in one of my favorite colors, green. It’s always hard to find the perfect button-down shirt for a velvet blazer, because you don’t want a color that challenge the blazer as the focal point and with this black and white button-down, I think I found the perfect balance. I finished the look with a pair of slim-cut trousers in black and black monks.

I really like this outfit, mainly because of the velvet dream. Velvet just has that rare ability to just automatically elevate a look into the upper echelon of elegance, the only other thing that can compare to velvet when it comes to elegance and smoothness in my opinion, is the color white. Both velvet and dressing whites, have in common that it can be extremely difficult to style them and not look like you trying too hard or just getting it horribly wrong, so when it comes to velvet, starting with something smaller such as accessories to get a feel for it, can be a good start.

Talk to you later,






J.Lindeberg Trousers & Blazer // Topman Monks // Selected Shirt 

Anthon Berg – Good standing kit

Ever had trouble remembering your girlfriend’s birthday? An anniversary? Mother’s day? Valentines? Grandmas birthday next week and so on. Chances are that most men have forgotten one or more of the above, while women seem to remember what you texted them, 3847 days ago; it can be quite frustrating. So for all us with a bad memory and a bad habit of being forgetful, Anthon Berg have done us a huge favor creating the good standing kit. No no, it’s NOT a magical trick that will make you REMEMBER everything, I’m afraid that’s a lost cause 😉 However with the good standing kit, you now have a way out if, when the chips are down, because we all know that the true way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach, so what better way to make up for our bad memory, than with Anthon Berg. #ChocolateYourWayOutOfIt or #ChocolateIsYourWayOut Either way, watch the video below and get a lesson in smoothing your way out of whatever trouble you’ve gotten yourself into!



This particular date has a big red fat cross in my calendar, because that’s the day I’ll be turning my back to Denmark and everything I know, and continue my life journey in Brisbane and I just can’t wait. These days are just filled with excitement and also a lot of back and forth between places and people saying my goodbyes and that will probably continue till the plane take off on Thursday, till then it’s just about enjoying my last couple of days. I really can’t believe it’s this close now, like this time next week, everything will be absolutely different! Crazyyy

One of the things I look forward to the most, is just getting to a new country where nobody knows who I am. It’s like getting handed a book with no pages, and being able to rewrite it in your own way over again.

I’ve been thinking of a way that I can document my trip and give you guys a closer look into the awesome journey than just the usual blogposts and I can’t wait to show you guys the new direction A Common Obsession is taking. Until then you can connect with me on snapchat (username aniyonkinzo) and watch me as I make the last preparations and saying the last goodbyes.

Ps. Here’s a picture of Whitehaven Beach which is located in the same state as Brisbane. Jealous yet? 😉

Talk to you later,




Unicorns, Unicorns, Unicorns


Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn then always be a unicorn!

A quote I can relate to when I’m wearing this shirt, which by the way must be my favorite shirt to date. I love being playful with my clothes, and this shirt fits that bill perfectly. It’s playful, it’s comfortable and it’s sexy. Playful because of the print. Comfortable because it was slightly oversized and made of some really soft and nice fabric, almost like silk and sexy because it’s actually a see through, ha ha!!

I paired it with my window pane trousers, I was a bit scared that it would be too much of the good stuff, but teamed up nicely with my new favorite shirt to make up a perfect late summer look, because when fall really sets in, this outfit is probably a little too light. But a shirt like this can be styled in many different ways so it’s more appropriate for fall, so don’t be surprised if me and my unicorns make a comeback in the colder months.

Have a good one,




Whyred shirt // Zara Trousers and sandals