Check Mate! The Windowpane Print For Him And Her


There isn’t anything groundbreaking about plaid for fall, season after season we’ve seen tartan, Glen, and buffalo plaid return, however this fall another classic check pattern – the windowpane is making a comeback and I’m sure that this clean, refreshingly modern take on everybody’s favorite traditional pattern is poised for a total autumn takeover. Everyone from Raf simons, Bottega Veneta to Junya Watanabe gave their impression on how to rock this print and now I’m giving you mine in collaboration with The Modern Afro.

“Windowpane check is definitely the sign of a maverick; it’s a bold statement that signifies a person who goes their own way and doesn’t really care what you think about it”.

What is your take on this print, will you be rocking it this fall?



Zara Suit // Selected Monkstraps // H&M Shirt // Daniel Wellington Watch

Primark Dress // H&M Heels & Belt // Rayban Glasses

Photographer– Kenneth Kisbye

Denim, A Love Story


If you don’t love denim as much as we do, then we can’t really be friends. Blue jeans have over time become synonymous with comfort, cool, and classic. We shot these looks to give you a perfect mix of femininity, masculinity and androgynous sexiness.

What do you think?




Wearing: Shirt thrifted // Jeans Zara // Sneaks Vans 

Photographer– Kenneth Kisbye

How To Dress For The Corporate World And Still Look Fashionable


Whether your office is buttoned-up and sophisticated, or casual and creative, what you wear makes a major impact on your success.  Simple rule is, if you work in a corporate environment don’t be a flashy dresser, as it wouldn’t be appropriate but always look sharp and remember that the devil is in the details.

For both men and women in the corporate world, the key to a power wardrobe is neutral suits, crisp button-down shirts, classic statement accessories, structured blazers and coats. Stick to a basic color pallet – black, grey, and navy blue is classic ones that never fails. If you can’t resist wearing denim, opt for dark ones because the dark colors reads more professional and won’t look out of place.



Wearing: Blazer H&M // Trousers Zara // Shirt Gant // Monks Selected

Photographer– Kenneth Kisbye

How To Dress Your Way To Power Couple Status


Dressing well is a skill. Let’s be frank, as a couple it’s awkward when your significant other does not dress well as you when you go out.

Antonio Centeno, the founder of, outlined this dilemma perfectly in his blog post about Matching Your Spouse:

“What should a man wear when his wife wants to wear her favorite dress for their dinner date?  What about when your girlfriend invites you to attend a casual wedding with her in Charleston on the beach? Should you dress to match your partner’s style and look like a power couple? Or is it better to let things fall where they will and just wear whatever you want?”

Now we don’t mean you should show up in identical outfits, matching as a couple is more geared towards dressing well as a unit. The goal is to focus on dressing at the same level as your partner. Some people just have a knack for dressing well and matching each other without even trying but as any other skill this is learnable and we want you to be so crazy-good together you could rule the world. So here is our take on how to dress your way to power couple status. The simple key in these outfits is the grounded neutral tones, which complements each other insanely well.



Wearing: Zara Suit // Selected Shirt // Asos Monks

Abyss by abby Dress // Bianco Heels

Photographer– Kenneth Kisbye

The Velvet dream


You want something that is luxuriously smooth, soft to the touch and elegant? The answer is velvet! Velvet is a statement just waiting to happen and will get you noticed whether you’re bound for a full-on formal affair or something a little more low-key.

Velvet items comes in a lot of shapes, but I opted for the velvet blazer for the formal aesthetic look, and I picked it in one of my favorite colors, green. It’s always hard to find the perfect button-down shirt for a velvet blazer, because you don’t want a color that challenge the blazer as the focal point and with this black and white button-down, I think I found the perfect balance. I finished the look with a pair of slim-cut trousers in black and black monks.

I really like this outfit, mainly because of the velvet dream. Velvet just has that rare ability to just automatically elevate a look into the upper echelon of elegance, the only other thing that can compare to velvet when it comes to elegance and smoothness in my opinion, is the color white. Both velvet and dressing whites, have in common that it can be extremely difficult to style them and not look like you trying too hard or just getting it horribly wrong, so when it comes to velvet, starting with something smaller such as accessories to get a feel for it, can be a good start.

Talk to you later,






J.Lindeberg Trousers & Blazer // Topman Monks // Selected Shirt 

Anthon Berg – Good standing kit

Ever had trouble remembering your girlfriend’s birthday? An anniversary? Mother’s day? Valentines? Grandmas birthday next week and so on. Chances are that most men have forgotten one or more of the above, while women seem to remember what you texted them, 3847 days ago; it can be quite frustrating. So for all us with a bad memory and a bad habit of being forgetful, Anthon Berg have done us a huge favor creating the good standing kit. No no, it’s NOT a magical trick that will make you REMEMBER everything, I’m afraid that’s a lost cause 😉 However with the good standing kit, you now have a way out if, when the chips are down, because we all know that the true way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach, so what better way to make up for our bad memory, than with Anthon Berg. #ChocolateYourWayOutOfIt or #ChocolateIsYourWayOut Either way, watch the video below and get a lesson in smoothing your way out of whatever trouble you’ve gotten yourself into!



This particular date has a big red fat cross in my calendar, because that’s the day I’ll be turning my back to Denmark and everything I know, and continue my life journey in Brisbane and I just can’t wait. These days are just filled with excitement and also a lot of back and forth between places and people saying my goodbyes and that will probably continue till the plane take off on Thursday, till then it’s just about enjoying my last couple of days. I really can’t believe it’s this close now, like this time next week, everything will be absolutely different! Crazyyy

One of the things I look forward to the most, is just getting to a new country where nobody knows who I am. It’s like getting handed a book with no pages, and being able to rewrite it in your own way over again.

I’ve been thinking of a way that I can document my trip and give you guys a closer look into the awesome journey than just the usual blogposts and I can’t wait to show you guys the new direction A Common Obsession is taking. Until then you can connect with me on snapchat (username aniyonkinzo) and watch me as I make the last preparations and saying the last goodbyes.

Ps. Here’s a picture of Whitehaven Beach which is located in the same state as Brisbane. Jealous yet? 😉

Talk to you later,




Unicorns, Unicorns, Unicorns


Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn then always be a unicorn!

A quote I can relate to when I’m wearing this shirt, which by the way must be my favorite shirt to date. I love being playful with my clothes, and this shirt fits that bill perfectly. It’s playful, it’s comfortable and it’s sexy. Playful because of the print. Comfortable because it was slightly oversized and made of some really soft and nice fabric, almost like silk and sexy because it’s actually a see through, ha ha!!

I paired it with my window pane trousers, I was a bit scared that it would be too much of the good stuff, but teamed up nicely with my new favorite shirt to make up a perfect late summer look, because when fall really sets in, this outfit is probably a little too light. But a shirt like this can be styled in many different ways so it’s more appropriate for fall, so don’t be surprised if me and my unicorns make a comeback in the colder months.

Have a good one,




Whyred shirt // Zara Trousers and sandals

Ride Comfortably by Opel

Now this is a concept I can get 100 % behind. In connection with the new Opel Astra Sports Tourer, Opal has partnered up with the Danish lingerie experts to come to every man’s rescue, with their new #RideComfortably campaign, that will boost your chances of making some mini you’s.

Testosterone is the male homone, that makes us men, gives us beard and hair on our chest, deep and robust voices and makes us rutting. Unfortunately though, the testosterone level of Danish men are falling as we speak due to bad circumstances for our most precious body parts, leading to hair loss, low self-esteem and no lust or desire. Pretty much leaving us genderless. With no gender, the women won’t have any need of us, but don’t be discouraged, because Opel will have you back on top with hair, self-esteem and lust in no time with their new and innovative underpants that will nurture and caress your lower segment with comfort and ventilation that will boost your masculinity and make you more than cable of making juuuust the right decisions in life, especially when it comes to buying a new car 😉 So sit back and watch this video, if you want to further your family line that is! #Ridecomfortably

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First Instinct

image (5)

A good fragrance can often be the difference maker and the best wingman you can possible have. A fragrance is your way to let people know you are coming without saying a word, while also giving you the confidence, which can help break down barriers. It especially comes in handy when you are out and about, and don’t know who you might run into. Wearing Abercrombie & Fitch’s new fragrance, assures me that I never get caught off guard.

My first and favorite First Instinct moment was when I went on a date with a girl I had only met once and one of the first things she said to me, was how good I smelled. This instantly made me feel a little extra confident and more relaxed and kick started an amazing evening.

First Instinct has a very fresh and distinctive scent based on ambergris, Szechuan-pepper, melon and gin and tonic, and these ingredients have already made the fragrance one of my faves, because I like my scent as I like my shirts: attention grabbing. The creation of First Instinct was made for every man looking for a scent, that would turn heads and they went out of their way with the ingredients to find the perfect balance between the masculine and the sensual to create a pleasant aroma of confidence. And all I have to say is, it was worth the trouble. If you, like me think, that First Instinct should become a new staple among your fragrances, you can find it right here. Ps. You won’t regret it 😉

Talk to you soon,



image (4)

Tommy Hilfiger Bomber // Vans Sneaks // Zara Trousers // H&M Tee // Daniel Wellington Watch


Let the blazer do the talking


image (1)

As the headline indicates, today will be all about the blazer which I think came through for me in a big way. The classic two button jacket with patch pockets and soft shoulders is something that every gent needs in their wardrobe. It’s versatility alone should be enough reason to get one, as you can dress it up or dress it down, whatever the purpose is, you can count on it. The color of your blazer is also a key element for how it’s going to be styled, when you choose the color for your blazer, it’s always important to have the rest of the outfit in mind. My blazer today is white and I paired it with a very heavily colored shirt, because I love the contrast between the white and the purple. The rest of the outfit was kept in navy tones. I consider navy my safe card, it’s extremely hard to get wrong, and if the rest of the outfit is eye-popping, navy is one of the best colors to use, because it compliments so many colors without really stealing the spotlight. Black also does that but I’ve found that I’m actually pretty sparse with my use of black, so navy remains my safe option.

This is also another great example of mix and match, something I love to do because of the challenge of getting it right, especially if you like me, have to inject some color in the outfit and then try and mix and match it without turning out as bag of skittles. Hopefully there will be more of these outfits, but I’m not sure because in Australia it’s about to be summer and I’ve been told that their summers are relentless, so when I get down there all the outfit will probably just be shorts and tank tops ha ha!

Have a good one guys,


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Tommy Hilfiger Blazer // Zara Shirt & Trousers // Selected Monks // Firmoo Sunglasses 

My new found love


Before we get started, I have a little confession to make. The last 6 months, I have been horribly inconsistent, mainly because of finishing my bachelor and making this trip a reality. But I’M BACK now, feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

Well, now that we got that out the way, let’s take a look on today’s outfit. At the risk of repeating myself, I’m going to talk about shirts yet again, because by now all of you know how I feel about my shirts; I like them bold, printed and unforgettable. A shirt with those qualities differentiates you from the masses. It’s also a way to individualize your style, Individuality is the way we mark ourselves out from the crowd, right?

Although this shirt is remarkable in itself it had to share the spotlight with something I have never worn on the blog before, namely a cap. I’ve never been much of a cap guy, but a couple weeks ago, I had to go this party and I had missed a few haircut appoints and to say it at least my hair did not look great. So I decided to try a cap on to hide the hideousness and all of a sudden I’ve been rocking caps since. What’s your verdict- yay or nay to caps?

/ Alix

Wearing: Trousers and sandals from Zara / Shirt from Whyred / Cap from H&M / Sunnies from Ray-Ban