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This particular date has a big red fat cross in my calendar, because that’s the day I’ll be turning my back to Denmark and everything I know, and continue my life journey in Brisbane and I just can’t wait. These days are just filled with excitement and also a lot of back and forth between places and people saying my goodbyes and that will probably continue till the plane take off on Thursday, till then it’s just about enjoying my last couple of days. I really can’t believe it’s this close now, like this time next week, everything will be absolutely different! Crazyyy

One of the things I look forward to the most, is just getting to a new country where nobody knows who I am. It’s like getting handed a book with no pages, and being able to rewrite it in your own way over again.

I’ve been thinking of a way that I can document my trip and give you guys a closer look into the awesome journey than just the usual blogposts and I can’t wait to show you guys the new direction A Common Obsession is taking. Until then you can connect with me on snapchat (username aniyonkinzo) and watch me as I make the last preparations and saying the last goodbyes.

Ps. Here’s a picture of Whitehaven Beach which is located in the same state as Brisbane. Jealous yet? 😉

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Unicorns, Unicorns, Unicorns