Let the blazer do the talking


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As the headline indicates, today will be all about the blazer which I think came through for me in a big way. The classic two button jacket with patch pockets and soft shoulders is something that every gent needs in their wardrobe. It’s versatility alone should be enough reason to get one, as you can dress it up or dress it down, whatever the purpose is, you can count on it. The color of your blazer is also a key element for how it’s going to be styled, when you choose the color for your blazer, it’s always important to have the rest of the outfit in mind. My blazer today is white and I paired it with a very heavily colored shirt, because I love the contrast between the white and the purple. The rest of the outfit was kept in navy tones. I consider navy my safe card, it’s extremely hard to get wrong, and if the rest of the outfit is eye-popping, navy is one of the best colors to use, because it compliments so many colors without really stealing the spotlight. Black also does that but I’ve found that I’m actually pretty sparse with my use of black, so navy remains my safe option.

This is also another great example of mix and match, something I love to do because of the challenge of getting it right, especially if you like me, have to inject some color in the outfit and then try and mix and match it without turning out as bag of skittles. Hopefully there will be more of these outfits, but I’m not sure because in Australia it’s about to be summer and I’ve been told that their summers are relentless, so when I get down there all the outfit will probably just be shorts and tank tops ha ha!

Have a good one guys,


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Tommy Hilfiger Blazer // Zara Shirt & Trousers // Selected Monks // Firmoo Sunglasses 

My new found love


Before we get started, I have a little confession to make. The last 6 months, I have been horribly inconsistent, mainly because of finishing my bachelor and making this trip a reality. But I’M BACK now, feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

Well, now that we got that out the way, let’s take a look on today’s outfit. At the risk of repeating myself, I’m going to talk about shirts yet again, because by now all of you know how I feel about my shirts; I like them bold, printed and unforgettable. A shirt with those qualities differentiates you from the masses. It’s also a way to individualize your style, Individuality is the way we mark ourselves out from the crowd, right?

Although this shirt is remarkable in itself it had to share the spotlight with something I have never worn on the blog before, namely a cap. I’ve never been much of a cap guy, but a couple weeks ago, I had to go this party and I had missed a few haircut appoints and to say it at least my hair did not look great. So I decided to try a cap on to hide the hideousness and all of a sudden I’ve been rocking caps since. What’s your verdict- yay or nay to caps?

/ Alix

Wearing: Trousers and sandals from Zara / Shirt from Whyred / Cap from H&M / Sunnies from Ray-Ban





Life as usual


Let me show you how I dress on an everyday basis, this look is a very good example of how I usually dress when its back to the daily grind. In theory it’s actually quite simple, there’s only three (Minus the footwear) components to it – trousers, shit & blazer – it’s an easy and winning look that is impossible to mess up. For me the only thing to look out for, is to not only get caught up in earth colored items, but add a little sass and flavor to the look. That’s also how I go about my shopping, I’m always looking at how the items that I’m buying can complement my wardrobe and the way I like to dress.

Talk to you later,


Wearing: Blazer & Trousers – Zara / Shirt – Zadig & voltaire / Loafers – Asos / Watch – Victorinox





The deceiving summer


The Danish summer has been like a crazy rollercoaster. One day you look out of the window and you seriously doubt whether its July or October and other days you spend the day on the beach. When the summer feels like it’s October I rely on my army green blazer jacket, which for me has proved to be the most fireproof way to combine the schizophrenic summer weather with looking good. A transitioning piece like this jacket can also be a nice compliment in the late hours when the grill has been turned off but the music and champagne still flows and there’s a chill breeze. although I feel super fly in it and it’s the perfect in-between jacket, I sincerely hope that I won’t be having too much need of it the rest of the summer.

I hope the sun is shining where ever you guys are,


Wearing: Trousers – Zara / Shirt – Topman / Loafers – Asos / Jacket & Watch – Victorinox





Purple fashion


Purple Fashion. If you get that reference, I already like your taste in tv-series 😉
One of the many things I was looking forward to this summer, was wearing these shorts again. I love them so much, that I almost wore them back in March, but my butt almost froze off so I quickly decided to change and wait, ha ha! I just think that the shorts are the perception of summer; beautiful color, great length and comfy. With the right pieces around them, such as these havaianas and a flowery grey shirt, it can be the perfect outfit for the casual summer days and summer festivals.

Wearing: Shirt – Tommy Hilfiger / Shorts – Asos / Eyewear – Firmoo / Slippers – Havaianas