The Dream Island


It’s called Phi Phi but the ‘H’ is silent; and is pronounced Pee Pee. When we got here I finally understood why people are so obsessed with this Island! It’s one of the most charming places I’ve ever been, and I think it has something to do with its size because it’s not so big, and you can walk anywhere. That’s what we spend the first couple of hours doing, just walking around and getting lost, well trying to get lost because the islands size makes it almost impossible to really get lost. But we were out, getting all of the first impressions of Pee Pee in, but it wasn’t until day 2 or 3 we made the long ‘climb’ to the viewpoint and finally understood why people are so obsessed with this Island. Calling it a beautiful Island might be the understatement of the year, as you can see for yourself 😉 and if this wasn’t enough to convince me that this is a dream island… The party scene definitely convinced me more than enough! The parties were insane. Pee Pee and Phangan have seriously changed my perception of what a real party is – I would get into details but first of all it is something you have to experience for yourself, and secondly it just wouldn’t be appropriate 😉 Ha ha!!

Talk to you later,





James Bond Island


As the big James Bond fan I am, visiting the James Bond Island was a no brainer- even though I’m still trying to figure out, why it’s called James Bond Island. Oh well. What we did figure out when we went there, is that it’s beautiful and very touristy, I literally had to stand in line to get a picture with that sign, but patience is a virtue and luckily the photo turned out good 😉 but it was a very fun day seeing some of Thailand’s amazing scenery and one of the highlights was kayaking around the Island and getting to see the huge caves inside and up close. Tamim was a bit disappointed that we didn’t kayak ourself, but I sighed silently in relief when I saw someone would be doing it for us 😉 That way we could concentrate about getting it all in and taking heaps of photos !!

Next post I’ll be back doing what I do best, so stay around 😉





Big city life


Our first destination was Bangkok where we were met by a suffocating heat. However we still managed to do some sight seeing with the help of Leo (a local beer) – not as much sight seeing as we would have liked, but we did manage to see one of Bangkok’s most famous landmarks, Wat Arun or the Temple of Dawn, which overwhelmed us with it’s lavish beauty and as a clever friend of mine told me before going ”one tempel is enough”

We also made it to the Siam Paragon, an incredibly massive shopping mall with no less than ten floors and it felt more as a laborant, than a mall! Definitely only a place to go if you have money to splurge and want to see a more luxurious side of Bangkok.


But to be honest the heat didn’t really encourage us to do that much sight seeing, but it certainly did encourage us to spend a big amount of time in and around the pool.


And when day turned into night and the City of Bangkok would transform into a city where the party never stop, we would follow suit, and step out of the pool and get our groove on and discover what Bangkok by night had to offer and came up with the conclusion that the party scene in Bangkok, led by the infamous Khao San Road, is no joke!


Talk to you later,


Is it to late now to say sorry?


Cuz’ I’m missing more than just your body. No wait, even though I’m a big fan of the song, I shouldn’t be quoting the full song, but the message of the song is however the same message for this blog post, therefore the headline. First of all in case you’ve forgotten me, my name is still Alix Niyonkinzo and this reunion is a little bit awkward, but I’m here to explain my sudden disappearance for months and ask your forgivenes, and talk a little about what’s next for A Common Obsession.

When I first arrived to Australia my initial plan was to settle down in Brisbane and just continue blogging as I had in Denmark, but then I started to meet alot of backpackers who gladly shared their stories about all the wonderful places they had visited and showed me pictures of some of the most breathtaking places they had been, so all of a sudden my initial plan seemed a bit dull and I quickly found out that I too, wanted to travel. I told one of my friends back in Denmark about it and he was so pumped over it that he decided that he would take on South East Asia with me thus the TRIP OF A LIFETIME. I quickly found out however that having a fashion blog and prioritizing that wasn’t compatible with wanting to travel, simply because a growing wardrobe equals increasing bag weight, so I had to make a decision, a really tough one as I had to choose between keep blogging about menswear or document my trip with you guys, the choice fell on the latter which explain why I’ve been MIA for a couple of months – my focus simply turned to the roadtrip, so saving money and planning the road trip was the main priority and I just couldn’t find room for the blog.

The trip actually started about three weeks ago, but I’ve been so caught up in everything, that I haven’t got the time to check in already! But I will, be showing you some of the places we’ve been to and what we’ve been doing. The original plan was actually to travel to Thailand, the Philipines and Bali – but bad management of money forced us to cut Bali, and some of the places we wanted to see in the Philipines. But hey, we did have a blast in Thailand though 😉 So stay in the loop, because there will be much more about the trip in the coming days.

So the question remains, is it to late now to say sorry???????

In London for a day

Let me tell you about one of the most spontaneous trips I’ve ever had so far. The last few months I have been buried in books trying to hectically finish my bachelor thesis. In the middle of all these I needed a little break, from the books, the environment and everything related to it. So last Wednesday I made an express visit to London, where I got to catch up with some childhood friends, eat tons of good food and do a little shopping.

London was it usual self and the rain literally wouldn’t stop pouring down as soon as we got out of the taxi but that didn’t stop us from having a good time and it certainly didn’t stop me from a bit of shopping, which was much needed as I am late upgrading my summer wardrobe.

We had lunch at Shake Shack, which is probably my best burger experience yet. Looking at the pictures it almost makes me want to book another flight back.



Fortunately, as the day progressed the weather started to clear up and we got a chance to shoot some ootd pictures, where I had suited up in a super casual and laidback way and played with contrast of the two pattern – pinstripe and windowpane – and I definitely think that is was an outfit worthy of London.



After a long, fun walk through Hyde park, it was finally time for dinner & drinks at Aubain and the look of the Lamb dish I had still makes my mouth run in water haha! Anyways, then it was time to fly back home, back to the books and finishing my bachelor thesis which is due tomorrow-wish me luck.



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