How To Dress Your Way To Power Couple Status

How To Dress For The Corporate World And Still Look Fashionable


Whether your office is buttoned-up and sophisticated, or casual and creative, what you wear makes a major impact on your success.  Simple rule is, if you work in a corporate environment don’t be a flashy dresser, as it wouldn’t be appropriate but always look sharp and remember that the devil is in the details.

For both men and women in the corporate world, the key to a power wardrobe is neutral suits, crisp button-down shirts, classic statement accessories, structured blazers and coats. Stick to a basic color pallet – black, grey, and navy blue is classic ones that never fails. If you can’t resist wearing denim, opt for dark ones because the dark colors reads more professional and won’t look out of place.



Wearing: Blazer H&M // Trousers Zara // Shirt Gant // Monks Selected

Photographer– Kenneth Kisbye

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How To Dress Your Way To Power Couple Status