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How To Dress Your Way To Power Couple Status


Dressing well is a skill. Let’s be frank, as a couple it’s awkward when your significant other does not dress well as you when you go out.

Antonio Centeno, the founder of, outlined this dilemma perfectly in his blog post about Matching Your Spouse:

“What should a man wear when his wife wants to wear her favorite dress for their dinner date?  What about when your girlfriend invites you to attend a casual wedding with her in Charleston on the beach? Should you dress to match your partner’s style and look like a power couple? Or is it better to let things fall where they will and just wear whatever you want?”

Now we don’t mean you should show up in identical outfits, matching as a couple is more geared towards dressing well as a unit. The goal is to focus on dressing at the same level as your partner. Some people just have a knack for dressing well and matching each other without even trying but as any other skill this is learnable and we want you to be so crazy-good together you could rule the world. So here is our take on how to dress your way to power couple status. The simple key in these outfits is the grounded neutral tones, which complements each other insanely well.



Wearing: Zara Suit // Selected Shirt // Asos Monks

Abyss by abby Dress // Bianco Heels

Photographer– Kenneth Kisbye


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