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Insects are the new black


Back to business as usual with the first outfit post in way too long :0 but as you can see, old ways die hard and as so many other times the shirt is doing all the heavy lifting for the outfit – even though I must point out my new loafers from River Island as a nice addition to my shoe collection. Back to the shirt though – which actually has a lot in common with Thailand, you see all those insects on the shirt will actually try to attack you all the time! So I thought this shirt would buy me a little goodwill. Think again!
However the shirt did do a much better job looking good on me, than it did protecting me – and let’s be honest, that is the reason I bought it. Another thing to point out is the fit, because it is a little loose which make it easy and very comfortable to wear which was perfect in that climate. So I’m quite satisfied regardless of the 1089 insect bites I had to suffer every night. 😉

Talk to you later,



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