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Is it to late now to say sorry?


Cuz’ I’m missing more than just your body. No wait, even though I’m a big fan of the song, I shouldn’t be quoting the full song, but the message of the song is however the same message for this blog post, therefore the headline. First of all in case you’ve forgotten me, my name is still Alix Niyonkinzo and this reunion is a little bit awkward, but I’m here to explain my sudden disappearance for months and ask your forgivenes, and talk a little about what’s next for A Common Obsession.

When I first arrived to Australia my initial plan was to settle down in Brisbane and just continue blogging as I had in Denmark, but then I started to meet alot of backpackers who gladly shared their stories about all the wonderful places they had visited and showed me pictures of some of the most breathtaking places they had been, so all of a sudden my initial plan seemed a bit dull and I quickly found out that I too, wanted to travel. I told one of my friends back in Denmark about it and he was so pumped over it that he decided that he would take on South East Asia with me thus the TRIP OF A LIFETIME. I quickly found out however that having a fashion blog and prioritizing that wasn’t compatible with wanting to travel, simply because a growing wardrobe equals increasing bag weight, so I had to make a decision, a really tough one as I had to choose between keep blogging about menswear or document my trip with you guys, the choice fell on the latter which explain why I’ve been MIA for a couple of months – my focus simply turned to the roadtrip, so saving money and planning the road trip was the main priority and I just couldn’t find room for the blog.

The trip actually started about three weeks ago, but I’ve been so caught up in everything, that I haven’t got the time to check in already! But I will, be showing you some of the places we’ve been to and what we’ve been doing. The original plan was actually to travel to Thailand, the Philipines and Bali – but bad management of money forced us to cut Bali, and some of the places we wanted to see in the Philipines. But hey, we did have a blast in Thailand though 😉 So stay in the loop, because there will be much more about the trip in the coming days.

So the question remains, is it to late now to say sorry???????

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