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James Bond Island


As the big James Bond fan I am, visiting the James Bond Island was a no brainer- even though I’m still trying to figure out, why it’s called James Bond Island. Oh well. What we did figure out when we went there, is that it’s beautiful and very touristy, I literally had to stand in line to get a picture with that sign, but patience is a virtue and luckily the photo turned out good 😉 but it was a very fun day seeing some of Thailand’s amazing scenery and one of the highlights was kayaking around the Island and getting to see the huge caves inside and up close. Tamim was a bit disappointed that we didn’t kayak ourself, but I sighed silently in relief when I saw someone would be doing it for us 😉 That way we could concentrate about getting it all in and taking heaps of photos !!

Next post I’ll be back doing what I do best, so stay around 😉





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