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As I’m writing this post I’m actually sitting in Brisbane, where winter is quickly approaching and the nights are becoming a little tooooo chilly for my taste, which makes it even more satisfying to write it, as I can think back to warm days and summer printed shirts. And yes, this outfit was another attempt to be the best dressed traveler and as humbly I can say it, I actually think this shirt did the job for me, ha ha 😉 but this shirt though… When I first saw it, I looked at it the way I look at Christmas food, so when I got my hands on it, my eyes lit up like Christmas lights.

This was actually our first day in Phangan, we arrived a few days before the full festivities and used the time to get a little around the island while it was still fairly quiet, and ended up on this little isolated beach some few minutes away from the main beach in a boat taxi. We had the beach for ourselves and it was just a nice time of relaxation and god knows we needed it, because a few days after the full moon party week started, and the days of relaxation were over !

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Embracing the summer style